Who the Hell is BBR


OMG, it's me!

Well... that's pretty easy, I am BigBadRon.





D.O.B. :  

July 28th, 1960.

Place of Birth :   Liverpool, England.
Current Location :   Sweden.
Marital Status :   Married Jennifer, on March 4, 2005. Very happy.
Children :   No thanks, I'm stuffed...
Job :   Evil Mastermind. Cheap rates.
Ask about my two-for-one world domination package.
Favourite Movies :  

Seven Samurai - in fact pretty much any Kurasawa
The Matrix
The Fifth Element

Favourite Books :   Neuromancer - William Gibson
The Night's Dawn Trilogy - Peter F. Hamilton
Moby Dick - Herman Melville
Favourite Bands :   Hawkwind
Pink Floyd
Favourite Foods :   Pizza - need I say more?
Ice cream
Hobbies :  

PS 2
Building a website that nobody will ever look at.



Evolution of a Site Owner
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(No cats were injured in the making of this photo.  Honest.  Not even my friend, Smygga.)

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