Home Turf




Simon and Janet Davies,  Two children, Peter and Kevin, aged 10 and 8 years.

2 Priscilla (shitzu - more annoying than dangerous).
Terence and Barbara Jenkin.  Children grown up and left.  Mister Jenkin really hates cats.
William and Angel Green, with their son Simon (10) and daughter Thorne (3, nicknamed Tadpole).
4 Martin Lawson and Lorraine Kelsey.  No children.
5 Joe and Alice Crawford.  Three children: Claire and Catherine (both 8), and James (4).
6 Amanda Nichols.  No partner or children.
7 Miss Kitty.
Betty and George Atkins, a couple in their 40's.  Friendly and successful.  Their daughter, Jane, is 14.
8 Duncan and Olivia Johnstone.  Children are Matthew (4), and Jasmine (2).
9 Nathan and Samantha "Sam" Rogers.  No children.
10 Kevin Dwyer and April Billings.  No children.
11 Mister Pig.
Charles and Robyn Smith.  One child, Gemma, who is about six months old.
12 Sally Peterson and Jason Bloom.  Sally's daughter, Eleanor (2), also lives here.
13 Karl and Otto (dobermans).
Marcus "Jack" Jackson.  No partner or children.
14 Syd.
Autumn (age 20) and Eric (age 19) Henderson, plus Evilynn (2), who is actually Autumn's little sister, who she now has custody of as both of her parents are deceased.
15 Leon.
Leon's human, Debra teaches small humans, and Leon sometimes helps, but somehow they never become as clever as cats.
The Pizzeria Antonio.
Antonio lives at the Pizzeria, sort of.  One of the humans there, the waitress Samira, will sometimes give him scraps of food, but the two men would rather throw things at him.  It doesn't help that Samira decided to name the stray after the owner.


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