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Jago LanzaJago Lanza - Captain/Owner

Jago woke to the gentle trill of the computers alarm call, yawned without opening his eyes and imagine himself leaping out of his cot, stretching and heading for the shower.

Jago woke to the more instant trill of the computers alarm call, yawned without opening his eyes and, pushing aside the cosy, warm, cosy bedding, reluctantly dragged himself up to sit on the edge of the cot. With another very long yawn, and a half hearted attempt at a stretch, his eyes opened with a stutter, blinked a few times and settled on the pale, flabby figure that stared back from the full length mirror across the room.

He used to have the look, but it seemed that somewhere along the forty-two year journey to here and now, someone had stolen his beautiful body and left him with this one.

He knew of course that his six pack stomach had been obliged to convert to a keg, simply to accommodate the amount of beer he put in it, he knew that if he'd ever actually done any of the exercises he'd intended to over the past twenty years, he'd have a bit of muscle tone to boast about and he knew full well that it was because there was always something else to do instead of spending twenty minuets on the tread mill, that he got out of breath on a flight of stairs.

There were good points though, Lisa used to call him cuddly, he had good skin, even if it hadn’t see a sun in decades and his hair remained dark and wavy, though the tide was going out a bit.

'OK, some press ups', Jago stood, stretched, grabbed his robe and headed for the shower, 'tomorrow, definitely start some serious exercising tomorrow.'

Jett GradyConrad Dietz - Navigator

Conrad looks to be about forty, with brown hair and eyes. He is of approximately average height for a human, though a little slimmer than many.

His normal mode of dress consists of clothing which would be considered casual in many places. Dark pants and a light-coloured shirt are usual, the former tucked into a pair of old boots which reach to just below the knee. Outdoors this is often topped off by a long duster coat.

He is seldom armed in any obvious manner.

When he speaks, his voice is deep and slow, with a drawling accent.

Saskia BlakeSaskia Blake - Engineer

Saskia Blake does not look like what she is.

She is small, delicate, and quiet, at least on the outside. Those who know her will also testify to the fact that she can be more than a little shy around strangers. Talking to her gives the impression that she seems to like machinery far more than she likes most people. Which is okay, because machinery seems to like her too, perhaps because she almost always speaks kindly to it (unless it's been a "BAD machine", in which case it will be severely reprimanded).

When seen outside her own workplace, Saskia is often hunched down into outsize coveralls, which completely hide whatever shape she might have. She wears spectacles, even though Retinoxinase™ treatments would correct any visual problems she might have. Maybe the lenses are more to hide behind, than to improve her visual accuity. Mousy brown hair is pulled back into a loose tail, which somehow manages to make her look even smaller.

The overall impression her appearance gives is of a nobody.

Sometimes though, the mask slips.

Shui TiseiShui Tisei - Steward/Medic

Shui is a lean, athletic woman, standing about five and a half feet tall. Her hair, light in colour for an asian woman, frames sharp, almost fox-like features, though that comparison crumbles with her pale skin. Her eyes are dark, her smile slight but genuine, and she presents an aura of focus more than anything else. When she moves, it is with a certain element of grace - smooth and timed. Her voice, quiet and soft, usually containes a hint of amusement, as if at some secret joke she shares with her listener.

Yasmin CrowYasmin Crow - First Gunner/Security Chief

Yasmine Crow is the head of security and first gunner aboard Profit Margin. She may not be the tallest, but she more than makes up for her lack of height in her gusto and attitude. Her hair is still dark, curly and very much against the military protocol of the Marines where she used to serve, but as long as it can be squeezed inside a vaccsuit helmet she is happy with it the way it is.

She looks to be working out a lot, with well toned muscles and a mean, lean physique that still leaves no doubt she is all female. She can usually be seen in military fatigues and a tanktop when working aboard the ship, and a long green coat that shows signs of wear and tear in places when not aboard the ship.

A scar, no older than a few months, sits on her left cheek near her ear, and catches the light every now and then, especially when she grins, showing all her white teeth.

Age:    Old enough, if that's what you're asking
Height: 5'3" or something, why? I don't need no stinking coffin yet!
Weight: Less than that screlling scale claims!
Eyes:   Two, in the head, facing foward. Oh, and dark
Hair:   Oh boy, don't get me started... Dark as well
Skin:   All mine, and I like to keep it that way. Tanned white

Kal-chanTylen Orgesh - Second Gunner

Tylen is somewhat shorter than most Darrians and a bit more stocky and broad in the shoulders. He is lithely built, and looks trim and wiry, not much room for fat. He has a well muscled midsection although it is often hidden by his loose clothing which hangs from his shoulders comfortably. His casual appearance usually belies his true nature, which is a constant thirst for knowledge, a a matter he takes very seriously. His perceptive blue eyes, common among Darrians, remain alert and scanning. He has developed friendly and deep smile lines around his eyes which always led his superiors to believe that he was joking behind their backs and give a softness to his rugged face. His facial hair is in a constant shade of 5 o'clock shadow, even within hours of shaving. He keeps his hair short and trim, with a no nonsense style, minimizing the work that he has to put into making himself presentable, a throwback to his days in the IISS.

He generally wears his favorite bomber jacket, of a tanned synth-leather from his days with the Imperium Scout Service. He favors simple color schemes for his clothes, often earth tones. His favorite shirt is a red tee, that drapes over his upper torso. His pants are generally khaki and comfortably fitting, but leave very little to the imagination. They are punctuated by his brown combat boots which he wears almost constantly, on the side of each it reads 'sandals'-part of an old Scout joke. He almost never dresses himself without his revolvers which have saved him more than a few times. He wears two holsters, double belted across his waist with an extra clip each, loosely hinted beneath his bomber. Sometimes he carries his Laser Rifle which he prefers for long range. He also wears black sunglasses in the old style, giving him the look of an aviator.

Traveller RefereeTraveller Referee
In space nobody can hear you swearing at me.

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