Profit Margin II

Profit Margin

Profit margin

Profit Margin :
Batts Brg:

A4 - 26223C1 - 030000 - 23002 - 0    200 Tons    MCr 92.138
                           1           11    1
                           1           11    1

Cargo: 40, Passengers: 8, Low: 6, Fuel: 46, EP: 6, Agility: 2,
Craft: 1 x Air-raft,
Fuel Treatment: Fuel Scoops and Onboard Fuel Purification.


200 tons standard, 2,800 cubic meters, Flattened Sphere configuration.
Dimensions: 41.5m x 33.8m x 6.2m (overall).

Engineering:  Jump: 2parsec Jump. Fuel carried sufficient for one Jump.
  Manouver: 2G acceleration from standard thruster systems.
Agility 2.
  Power: PN3 system. 1500 MW output. Fuel sufficient for one month.

Fuel: 46 tons provides for one jump, and one month's operations.
Scoops and integral purifiers are fitted.
Bridge: Bridge is fitted with TL-15 sensors and EW/ECM systems.
Model 3/bis computer.

Two turrest, mounted dorsal/ventral.
Dorsal turret carries 2 x 250mW plasma cannon.
Ventral turret carries 1 x 250mW beam laser, 1 x missile rack, 1 x sandcaster.

Crew: Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Steward/Medic, 2 x Gunners.
Passengers: 8, plus 6Low Berths.
Other: Cargo capacity is 40 tons, and the ship carries a single air-raft.

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