Profit Margin II



Thursday April 30, 2026.

Word came down from Admin Central at 09:24, GMT, exactly.  Biotechnica bought the company out this morning.  They want everybody out by 16:00 today, so that their own people can take over the facility.  All contracts have been terminated, though wages will be paid for the remaining hours until 16:00, and repatriation clauses have been activated.

At least they're going to send everybody home, which is just as well - it's a long walk from L.E.O. for most people.

Some of the crew are still working, planning to keep going until the last minute, and do the best job they can.  Some sort of "pride in their work" thing.  Others are just kicking back, relaxing as best they can in their last few hours.  Another, smaller group are talking about sabotaging the place, and ripping off whatever they can carry away.

There is one small window in the habitation module, and currently it's giving a view of the North Pacific and the west coast of America.  It's night there, but the darkness is lit by flashes of lightning from a major storm system.


Tonight you have to go back down to Earth...

And it's raining.

The PA sysyem crackles to life, "Attention. Attention. The following people are to report to Admin Central immediately." followed by a brief list of names. Yours is among them...


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