The Cats


Antonio (Puss in a Boot)

He is not an overly large cat, but he is not exactly a kitten either.  He is lean, without a hint of extra package anywhere (except possibly for the ladies, nudge nudge, wink wink).  His claws and fangs are sharp enough to scare most dogs and boggin if they live to tell about their encounter with the ginger-haired devil that walks like a tomcat.

By cat-standards he is cute and always got an eye or two for the ladies, eager to show them that he "could be" for them.

In short, he is Puss in a Boot, the little charmer with a sharp stinger.


Cyan Cyan (Redtail)

Though being of a small stature Cyan has dreams of grandeur, when his 'owners' watch shows on TV that consist of learning about creatures out in the wilds it is Cyan who becomes engrossed in seeing the Panthers, Lions and Tigers. He tries to act like them at times when he is hunting for his favourite toy of all time, the squeaky thing!



Leon (Fearless)

A slightly larger than average gray and white, Leon is an easy going cat most of the time but he does not usually put up with childish antics.

He has a tendency to put his nose in where he shouldn't, though he doesn't see it that way. He simply has little fear of things that others would tend to steer away from believing that having information about such things is better than staying ignorant. This tendency has gotten him in a few scrapes and gained him a few scars. He lost the tip of his left ear in a tussle with a woodchuck and has a scar on his nose from a close call with a rather large snapping turtle he thought he could coax out of its shell. This inclination to boldly go anywhere is why he's called "Fearless". Leon is tough and usually shakes off things easily.


Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty (Prowler)

Miss Kitty lives a pampered life in the home of an upscale couple with a teenage daughter. Her humans provide the all-American, apple pie life for Miss Kitty and she, in turn, protects them from the Boggins.

The petite cat is a fastidious groomer and enjoys long naps in the sun. Her claws are kept sharp, but her strength lies in her uncanny ability to find things, much like the large, uncouth dogs people so often (and mysteriously) love.

Her friends on the block call her, “Prowler”, and for good reason as she roams her way through backyards and across fences.


Mr Pig

Mr Pig (Shadow Dancer)

A serious, normally-quiet cat, Mister Pig prefers to think his way around trouble. Unfortunately he has a tendency to panic in the face of more serious problems, which hinders his thinking.



OGMO (Nightwhisper)

OGMO, aka Nightwhisper, is mostly Siberian, but her owners insist she's at least quarter Lynx.  She tends to hold to that, too.  She is, in any case, a big, solid cat, filled out with medium-length grey and black fur.  She's not the fastest cat on the block, but she's good at Tail trickery, and just let her get her teeth on any opponent...

Like many a cat (perhaps even any), she's generally quite sure of herself, and has a tendancy to assume others (even other cats) are wrong.  Even if they agree with her, they're probably doing it for the wrong reasons.  She has a history of quick challenges, and has won several showdowns against cats many might have avoided.

On her home territory - her family, her house - she backs down from nobody.  She very nearly treed a dog once who had the misfortune of wandering into her yard; lucky for the dog, he was a stray, and was glad to be rescued by the animal control truck...

Syd Syd (Vicious)

Syd is a velvet-coated black cat, with stunning blue eyes. He resides with three humans, Autumn and Eric Henderson and Autumns baby sister, a two year old named Evilynn. He is reputed to be an avid tree climber and bird killer, as well as having the ability to hold his own in a dogfight. His best feature is his claws, deadly sharp and strong as sharpened bone, to which the Doberman's across the street would easily testify to.


Game Master
Game Master

The cat who walks by himself
all places are alike to me.


The Dream The Dream

That's right, this is a dream.  So what?


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