Little Heroes



We humans are in danger, every day of our lives.

There are creatures that prey on us. Things which slither into our minds, bringing fear and hatred and anger, until finally the human is just a shell controlled by these negative emotions, and the things, the Boggins, that create them.

All unknown to us, there is a war going on.

The war is being fought, in secret, right under our noses. Yes, the Boggins, and their supernatural allies, are powerful. But humanity has allies too, allies who can see the Boggins and the ghosts and the other enemies, and fight them using martial skills and magical powers.

And it's just as well that those allies exist, because we humans are, for the most part, entirely oblivious to the endless war.

The guardians of humanity live in our homes.

All they ask, in exchange for the service they offer, is a warm bed, food and drink, and to be allowed to play with a ball of yarn occasionally...

But don't just take our word for it.
Here's what the experts said:

"BBR's Little Heroes game is so much fun it makes me wish I were a real cat." - Garfield

"I urge you to join this game.  The rules are so easy that even a dog could learn them.  Now will you please throw the darned ball!" - Lassie

"I would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those pesky cats!" - Shub Niggurath

"Hey, Garfield!  It's a game about cats!" - Nermal

Little Heroes uses the "Cat" rules, written by John Wick, and published by Wicked Dead Brewing Company (  Buy it, or your cat will sit on your chest while you sleep, and steal your breath!


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