Enemies and Allies




This young girl, usually clad in a blue dress, is the human aide to the King of the Cats.

She likes cats in general, kittens in particular, and is a friend to one of the most powerful, magically-gifted cats who ever existed, though he is not quite as powerful as the King of the Cats himself.


Karl and Otto

These two are very mean, and always together, to the point where they almost seem to be a single entity.

If you can only see Karl, it doesn't mean he's alone... it means Otto is behind you.


Mr Jenkin

Mr. Jenkin

One of the two humans who own Priscilla, and by far the more dangerous of the two.

While Mrs. Jenkin simply dislikes cats, and will try to chase them off the property, Mr. Jenkin blames cats for the fact that Priscilla spends hours on end barking, or running through his flower beds and, in order to stop Priscilla's bad behaviour, he will try to hurt any cat he can catch in his garden.
Which is odd, because, on the whole, it isn't the cats who are misbehaving...


Murray the Snitch

Murray is a rat, which should make him the enemy.  He discovered early, though, that cats will barter his life for information and gossip.

As long as Murray is scared, his information is fairly good.  After all, his life depends on cats listening to him.  If word spread that he lied to escape death, then cats would stop listening to him, and simply kill him.



Priscilla (Princess Priscilla of Pleiades)

Priscilla is more of a nuisance than a threat. All she does is bark. And bark. And bark... She is also fairly old, and could never hope to catch a cat, at least not if the cat was alive and had at least three legs.

It should, perhaps, be noted though, that she is a powerful magician, at least by dog standards, and cats who must deal with her should remember that fact.

The King of the Cats

The King of the Cats

The King of the Cats lives in the Dream. Cats wishing an audience with him, to ask advice, to warn him of some danger, or to request a boon, must travel across the strange, twisted landscape of the Dream to find him.

Most cats find the arduous journey, and the tests involved, well worth the effort.


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