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Rappan Athuk is a dangerous place. Fools and heroes meet their end there, one as readily as the other. Below are all the characters who have died in the course of this campaign against the sinister stronghold of Evil. Please note, however, that in Rappan Athuk not all dead remain that way...

Droughtbreak 5, GD:1960

Nameless Monk

Dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair stands in contrast to the light footing and a bright gaze.  Toned muscles and nimble limbs begets smooth and fluid motions where naught is neither wasted nor superfluous.  Words are sparse and often thoughtful and perchance somewhat cryptic.

Killed by a half-orc cleric in the ruins of Eralion's fortress.


Droughtbreak 9, GD:1960.

Fergus Andarson

Fergus is a big man, well over six foot and on his way to seven.  He carries a little fat, making him look a bit soft, though it does not conceal his obvious strength.  His skin is tanned, his hair brown, bleached a lighter shade by the sun, and his eyes are hazel.

He wears a simple outfit of homespun wool that is worn but well cared for.  He also wears a suit of reinforced leather armour.  Every buckle on the armour has been loosened off as far as possible but it still bites across his shoulders. He carries a bedroll and a small sack of supplies.   Strapped to his back is a heavy wood-axe and a scythe.

Killed by a giant just south of Bard's Gate.