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Not everybody is cut out to be a bold hero. There are many whose function in life is to serve as a humble tavern keeper, a greedy merchant, a mighty-thewed weaponsmith, or a knowledgeable sage. Then too there are those whose goal seems to be to thwart, frustrate and mislead the heroes at every turn.



In Fairhill, the party met Shandril, a priestess of Freya.  So grateful was she that they had defeated the undead Eralion, who dwelt nearby, and recovered the sacred Crucible of Freya from orc thieves, that she gifted them with her own longsword Valkyria as a reward.

"Freya's love is the breath of Life."

Sir Galdean

An elderly knight that the party met in Bard's Gate.  He required somebody to assist him in his quest to find an honorable death in battle, so that he could sit at the right hand of the goddess Muir in the afterlife.  Unfortunately his selected target killed, not only him, but Fergus Andarson too.

"Good health, my allies, at least until death claims us!"





The cruel, bullying apprentice to Feriblan, a mage in the city of Reme, Vortigern was determined to beat Corian Barade to the keep of Eralion, and demonstrated that he was not above murdering a few innocent bystanders, if that was what it would take to achieve his goal.

"Torture often fails, but a man does need a hobby."